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What is YSL’s superstar fashion CEO working on at Apple?

YSL CEO Paul Deneve rumoured to lead the wearable technology revolution at Apple.
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Ryan Porter, July 4, 2013 7:45:41 AM

Be still my Jetsons’ heart! Apple has confirmed they’ve hired Yves Saint Laurent CEO Paul Deneve to work on “special projects.” Special projects such as, I don’t know, clothes from the future?

The timing is certainly suggestive. News just broke on June 27 that Apple filed for a trademark on “iWatch” in Japan, building anticipation that your pocket-room may soon be freed up as your phone features move to your wrist. Russian newspaper Izvestia reported Apple has also applied to trademark iWatch in Russia. And that’s just the first step. In May, Apple CEO Tim Cook called wearable technology “incredibly interesting” and a “profound area,” suggesting he could be working on anything in the entire iWardrobe.

However, there is one thing that Silicon Valley doesn’t necessarily know about, and that’s what looks cute. For example, Google took a huge style misstep when they unveiled clunky prototypes of Google Glass, a pair of sci-fi meets science room goggles that have voice-activated internet access and can take photos. They tried to glam up by showing the wearable tech on Diane von Furstenberg’s runway in New York last September, but even gorgeous models in designer clothes couldn’t make it work.

This is where Deneve comes in. Not only did he spend time at Apple from 1990 to 1997 as a sales and marketing manager, before going on to run Nina Ricci and Lanvin. But his two years as CEO of Yves Saint Laurent coincided with a feather-ruffling, younger, edgier reimagining for the historic French design house.

Sounds like the perfect resume for the person who will trailblaze accessories that not only look smart but act smart too.

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Ryan Porter

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