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5 stylish tech pieces you’ll want to wear

Google Glass may need a makeover, but these 5 stylish and wearable tech items are winning serious fashion props.
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Ryan Porter, October 18, 2013 11:54:46 PM

Apple’s poaching of Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendts is just the latest example of fashion and technology’s growing cozy relationship. While we await a version of Google Glass that is actually wearable (New York TimesT magazine editor Deborah Needleman rightly called them “the worst kind of German architect nerd glasses”), here are five tech miracles that actually work with an outfit.

Rebecca Minkoff x Stellé Audio Couture.
While carrying a boombox on your shoulder is still a sweet look, luxury handbag designer Rebecca Minkoff brought that bring-the-party-with-you vibe to these four handbags for Stellé Audio Couture that double as speakers.

Image courtesy Nike

Nike+ FuelBand
Credit Serena Williams for ushering this fitness-tracking device into vogue when she accessorized with it at Wimbledon. The bracelet measures how much you move your limbs, assigning “points” for activity that rewards you with a flash of light spelling “FUEL” when you reach your daily goal.

Image courtesy Everpurse

Because your phone can do everything but hold a charge, this purse doubles as a portable recharging station. A fully energized bag will recharge your phone twice. The only catch — you now have to remember to charge the purse.

Image: Getty Images

For his fall 2013 collection, 20-something American designer Asher Levine, who’s dressed Lady Gaga and Bruno Mars, embedded tracking devices inside his pieces that you could follow on your phone, something that might come in handy if you have a Monster closet (Gaga?).


Image courtesy Jawbone

Jawbone’s Up
By wearing a discrete blue bracelet not so different from a LiveStrong band, the Up app tracks your movement, meals and sleep patterns, including how much R.E.M. sleep — the important kind — you are getting.


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