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It’s time the folks at Travel Alberta took some basic Canadian geography lessons.

In the third Canadian travel-guide snafu this year (one involved Cape Breton Island, and the other was a certain photo gaffe), an ad from Alberta’s tourism agency simply forgot to include Nunavut’s territorial borders. It is non-existent on the map of Canada.


The image, part of a 12-page spread in United Airlines’ June issue of Hemispheres Magazine, was meant to showcase United routes into Calgary. Travel Alberta, the group responsible for the spread, immediately removed the image and apologized for its mistake.

“We sincerely apologize to Nunavut,” said Travel Alberta’s CEO, Royce Chwin. “We simply didn’t make a good enough job at making sure that that advertisement message was as good as it could be.”


So how does Nunavut feel about being left out of everything?

After admitting it was “an honest mistake on their part,” Colleen Dupuis, CEO of Nunavut Tourism, said she was having conversations with Travel Alberta to make sure it never happens again.

“One of the things we’re trying to do with the government right now is an awareness campaign of Nunavut, not from a tourism point of view, but just overall awareness. We expect to roll that out in January,” she said.

Maybe put Nunavut’s borders in yellow highlighter?