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Tired of getting gouged at the airport?

We feel your pain. But there’s good news, fellow travellers! A new airline has plans to bring “ultra low cost” airfares to Canada. The prices would be about 40 per cent cheaper than what you’d pay at WestJet or Air Canada, and it’s aiming to launch as soon as next spring.

Jetlines plans to start with routes in Western Canada, but it hasn’t announced what those routes will be just yet. The company then intends to expand nationally, and even into the U.S. if all goes well.

There is one small catch though: These flights take the term “no frills” very seriously.

“Basically you purchase a seat and seatbelt,” veteran airline executive David Solloway told Global News. Everything else costs extra, whether its luggage, snacks or another round of your favourite beer.

The air carrier also plans to pack more seats onto its planes, and have fewer flight attendants working the aisles. So expect cramped seating and slower service. Flights will also land in “secondary” airports rather than at main hubs in major Canadian and U.S. destinations.

In other words, you get what you pay for.

But at least now you know exactly what you’re getting into. So if you don’t mind the bare bones approach to air travel, this might be perfect for you.

Oh, but don’t touch those peanuts. That’s an extra charge.