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1. Canada has a lake that disappears once a year

Medicine Lake, which was named for its seemingly magical powers, can be found in Alberta. As for its disappearing act? Glacier-melt waters flood the lake every summer, while sinkholes drain it back out by winter.

2. One of our lakes is considered among the strangest in the world

Spotted Lake in BC contains a rich concentration of minerals and very little water. When most of the liquid evaporates away, these colourful mineral deposits are left over, hence the funky-looking aftermath.
Spotted Lake

3. Canada has its own Dead Sea called Little Manitou Lake

The lake has a mineral density three times saltier than the ocean, leaving swimmers able to effortlessly float on their backs.
Little Manitou

4. Lake Superior contains a lake within a lake

There are several islands in the lake with lakes within them, but the larger ones are Isle Royale in Michigan and Michipicoten Island in Ontario.
Lake within lake

5. Lake Superior also contains three-quadrillion gallons of water

That’s 3,000,000,000,000,000, in case you were curious.

6. …which amounts to 10 per cent of the world’s freshwater

And enough water to submerge all of North and South America under one foot of liquid.

7. You could actually use the water in Lake Superior to fill up all the other Great Lakes

Plus three additional Lake Eries.

8. If it gets cold enough in the winter, the frozen waters also provide access to the lake’s incredible ice caves

Ice cave

9. In terms of surface area, Lake Superior is the largest lake in the world

Despite its size, it can’t support as much fish diversity as the other four Great Lakes.

10. Lake Michigan had a pirate problem in the 1800s

Lumber and booze (during the prohibition era) were smuggled, sometimes violently, across its waters.

11. Technically, Canada only has four Great Lakes

Lake Michigan is also the only Great Lake contained entirely within the United States.

12. Lake Michigan has its problems, though

Including its very own Bermuda Triangle, the Lake Michigan triangle, where several boats and people have mysteriously disappeared.

13. But it’s not all bad news

The world’s largest freshwater sand dunes line Lake Michigan’s shores.

14. Hydrologically speaking, Lake Michigan and Lake Huron are the same lake

The two meet at the Straits of Mackinac.

15. There are human structures at the bottom of Lake Huron that date back 9,000 years

An elaborate network of hunting blinds and animal-herding structures were found deep under the surface and date back to a time when water levels would have been much lower.

16. And that’s not the only craziness you’ll find at the bottom of Lake Huron

Sinkholes at the bottom of the lake contain oxygen-deprived ecosystems entirely separate from the fish who dwell above.

17. Like Lake Superior, Lake Huron also has a lake within a lake

Except the inner lake also contains islands, which means it’s an island within a lake within an island in an even bigger lake.

18. Georgian Bay ain’t no lake

While not officially a lake, G-Bay is connected to Lake Huron and also known as the “sixth Great Lake.”

19. …but it ain’t nothing to scoff at either

In fact, Georgian bay contains the 30,000 islands, the largest concentration of freshwater islands in the world.

20. It’s also home to the highest concentration of reptile and amphibian diversity in the country

You can actually find rattlesnakes on these islands!

21. Lake Erie is supposedly home to a sea monster named Bessie

The creature is supposedly snake-like and measures about 40 feet in length. The first sighting came in 1793, with countless more recorded since. At one point, a reward was even once offered for her capture.
Sea monster

22. The Battle of Lake Erie was a big win for the Americans during the War of 1812

It’s how they got Detroit back.

23. Ontario was named after Lake Ontario, not the other way around

The word Ontario comes from an Iroquois word meaning “beautiful lake.”
Lake Ontario

24. A lake on Saturn’s moon Titan is named after Lake Ontario

It’s called “Ontario Lacus.”