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What’s better than curling up on the couch after a long year and marathoning your way into the New Year with your favourite shows? Aside from a little rum in that leftover nog and fuzzy slippers, it’s looking back at some of the year’s best TV moments, of course. Here we recall some of those moments, and how they gave us all the feels. (Warning: potential spoilers could follow.)

When Sandra Oh left Grey’s Anatomy you felt like you lost your best friend.

Sandra Oh Grey's Anatomy

After 10 years together, Cristina Yang sort of became your person too. Never mind the fact that dance parties were never the same.

Then Calzone broke up and you sort of lost faith in all relationships.

Callie and Arizona

Callie and Arizona might have been too perfect to last forever on a TV drama, but here’s hoping 2015 is the year of their rekindled romance.

Until Beckett and Castle finally tied the knot, and you couldn’t stop grinning.


Too bad the rest of the gang wasn’t invited.

When Oswald Cobblepot debuted as The Penguin on Gotham, you just wanted to watch him all day.


But then you found out he was a double agent and your mind was pretty much blown.

You were more than a little disappointed when the Olympians didn’t win The Amazing Race Canada.


But in the end everything was OK because the hippies were pretty cool too.

But when Eric won MasterChef Canada all was right with the world again.

We’re counting down the days until he opens up that Toronto restaurant with judge Alvin Leung.

Your inner child jumped with glee when The Goldbergs broke out the Nintendo Power Glove.


But then you remembered how your parents would never actually buy one for you and that inner child had a good old fashioned temper tantrum.

Until you saw Alfonso Ribeiro break out The Carlton Dance on DWTS and your childhood was restored.


“It’s Not Unusual” to get The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song stuck in your head, guys.

Then Once Upon a Time introduced a Frozen storyline that melted your heart.


It was like the perfect excuse to watch that damned film all over again.

Your love of How to Get Away with Murder only intensified when Viola Davis actually took her hair and makeup off onscreen.

Why DO all women on TV have to wake up with fresh, gorgeous makeup on anyhow? Like, way to make the rest of us look bad.

Reign‘s rape scene was powerful but it made you extremely uncomfortable.


Here’s hoping it invokes some real conversations about abuse in 2015.

You covered your eyes when Nik Wallenda did a skywalk in Chicago … blindfolded

Even though you knew he probably wasn’t going to fall, you couldn’t help but hold your breath.

You stood up, cheered and did a victory dance when Joffrey finally got what was coming to him on Game of Thrones.


Good riddance, Joff.

And your jaw is still on the floor from Orphan Black introducing male clones.


Does anyone else still secretly kind of wish the male clone had been Felix though?

Your heart is still in your throat from that brutal beating Audrey took on 19-2.

Mostly because you still can’t believe they actually went there.

When The Flash and Arrow crossed over you made popcorn and wondered why that isn’t a thing every week.


We still kind of want to see who would really win in a fight though.

The episode of Spun Out that reunited the Kids in the Hall is still on your PVR so you can watch it over and over again.

Fingers crossed for a repeat in 2015.

You’re still drying your eyes from the time Sheldon told Amy he loved her.

Although we’d be lying if we didn’t expect a repeat proclamation during that oh-so-sweet Big Bang Theory Christmas episode.

And when Jane and Lisbon finally hooked up on The Mentalist you felt a total sense of closure

Let’s face it, those two were always going to do it.

When Damon got out of purgatory but Bonnie stayed behind you were beyond bummed


Even though you were dying for a Delena reunion, who didn’t want a Vampire Diaries spinoff featuring those two hanging out in the nineties?

The only thing worse was when Boardwalk Empire ended. For reals.


Thanks for the memories, Nucky.

You still feel like punching Agent Ward in the soul for turning on SHIELD


Although part of you probably grudgingly admits he’s way more interesting as a bad guy.

You definitely did not want to cover your eyes when Nick Jonas showed off his MMA skills in Kingdom.


Although it also actually took you a minute or two to recognize Nick Jonas in Kingdom.

But you definitely covered them when Pretty Little Liars actually killed off Mona.


We still didn’t believe she was dead until that awful, awful trunk scene confirmed our worst fears.

Watching the Girls fight at the beach house invoked every worst standoff you’ve ever had with your best friend.

But then that dance scene made you wish you and your gals could just breakout to your jam sometime.

You tuned into Sensitive Skin expecting Samantha from SATC, but wound up loving Kim Cattrall in a whole new way when Davina smoked weed.

We saw hints of Sam anyhow when Davina had that hot affair with the piano teacher.

Watching Dr. Thackery check into “rehab” only to develop what we assume will be a meth addiction made you physically groan.

Knick1 Knick2

JUST when you thought things were finally looking up for poor old Thack on The Knick.

You groaned even louder when Selina modelled her new hairdo on Veep.

Veep1 veep2

Why? Just… why?!?

Saying goodbye to Bill on True Blood was the worst.


But saying goodbye to a car-dancing Eric reminded us of all the reasons we loved this show in the first place.

It was almost as bad as watching Joel mess up his chances with Alex on Saving Hope.


What’s his problem, exactly? It took long enough for him to land her in the first place.

But nothing satisfied you as much as when Corner Gas: The Movie came to television five years later and it was like catching up with a long lost friend

Of course then we had to say goodbye all over again.

What were some of your top TV moments of 2014? Sound off in the comments section below.