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Ah, fall. Summer is over and winter is fast approaching, but for now we can revel in the all-too-brief period of indisputably perfect weather. So how should you capitalize on this incredible gift from Mother Nature? We have a few ideas that we think you’ll find very appealing.

1. Down a few dozen pumpkin-spice lattes

This will be happening more frequently than you might like. Resistance is futile.

2. Change up your hair colour

Summer highlights after Thanksgiving are the new white after Labour Day.

3. Watch the leaves change

Be aware that this is an extremely gradual process and might not make for riveting entertainment on a Friday evening.

4. Buy a ridiculously oversized sweater

The bigger the better. You want to get lost in that thing. Have your mail delivered there.

5. Knit stuff

Even if you’re terrible at knitting. A coaster for your pumpkin-spice lattes is a good beginner project.

6. Bust out the plaid flannel

It’s super cozy and seasonally appropriate.

7. Go for a long hike in the woods

Savour the satisfying crunch of dried leaves under your feet. This is, unequivocally, the best thing ever.

8. Rake leaves into a giant mound

Dive into said leaf mound like Scrooge McDuck into a swimming pool of cash. Repeat as deemed necessary.

9. Build a big, hot, roaring fire

Preferably in a fireplace. Or an outdoor fire pit. Now would be an excellent time to deal with that massive mound of leaves.

10. Get cozy by said fire

Having a partner for this is highly recommended.

11. Go apple-picking

Fall and apples is the only season-fruit combination that makes collecting produce seem like an enjoyable activity. Do people talk about how fun it would be to go springtime potato digging? We rest our case.

12. Bake an apple pie

Because what the hell else are you going to do with a whole basket of apples?

13. In fact, bake lots of pies

Get creative with your fillings. Strawberry peach? Sure! Blueberry chocolate? Go for it! Spinach and rhubarb? Might be time to pump the brakes, Martha.

14. Jam out a few jams while you’re at it

Smuckers ain’t got nothing on you.

15. Roast a chicken

Toss some of your favourite fall veggies in with that sucker. Not only does this result in an excellent meal (or two), but it’s also an excellent form or aromatherapy.

16. Fill your belly with delicious fall beers

With the summer heat gone, that thick stout is finally starting to sound appealing, isn’t it?

17. Re-watch Planes, Trains and Automobiles

And pour one of those stouts out for the late, great John Candy.

18. Find a good book, and cozy up with a thick blanket on the porch

Because reading inside is for suckers.

19. Put your garden to bed

It’s earned it. And it will be all the happier to see you next year.

20. Squash your fear of squash

It’s actually pretty good! And it doesn’t taste the way pumpkin guts smell, we promise.

21. Get your gourd on

Put them on display. Create a sweet centrepiece. Fall just seems better when you’re surrounded by gourds.

22. Hack open a pumpkin

Dig out its guts with your bare hands. This is highly therapeutic.

23. Watch a scary movie

Watching scary movies can release endorphins. It can also release some unexpected things into your undergarments. Exercise caution.

24. Plan an epic Halloween costume.

This could finally be the year you don’t throw something together at the last minute.

25. Clean out your closet, dresser, and any other spot where unused clothes might be hiding.

Donate, sell or give away to your friends. Be ruthless. You’ll feel a whole lot better once it’s gone.

26. Pimp your wardrobe with a fall shopping spree

Those fall sales aren’t going to be around forever. Plus: You’ve got so much space in your closet now.

27. Bust out your favourite fall boots

Polish those babies like they’re grandma’s silver.

28. Go ghost-hunting

If you happen to encounter an actual ghost, try to snap a few pictures.

29. Get your gobble, gobble on and celebrate American Thanksgiving.

Order up a few Swiss Chalet Festive Specials, toss on the Macy’s Day Parade and call it a day.

30. Catch a high school football game

Or stay in and watch Friday Night Lights. Either way, sip Baileys and hot chocolate.

31. Whip up a hearty soup

Cram it full of as many fall veggies as you can get your hands on.

32. Hunker down for the night with a nice bottle of wine

Okay, so this one is great year-round. But it’s even better once the weather turns chilly.

33. Throw on Neil Young’s Harvest

And repeat Steps 1 to 32.