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Chrissy Teigen is the advice-giving, Twitter-feud-having, trash-TV-loving, food-appreciating mom friend we all wish we had. She’s also the Official Mayor of Twitter and takes the position seriously by constantly giving us suggestions, recommendations and other various tidbits about the TV shows, movies, recipes and activities we should be spending our time on. It would be weird if we weren’t so into it.

In honour of Chrissy’s birthday this weekend, we’ve sifted through a year’s worth of her tweets (you’re welcome) to find all the best ways to spend it, as told by the woman herself. From cooking to TV to just lying down doing nothing, we’ve curated all Chrissy’s favourite ways to spend her downtime.

So get your planners ready, here are 38 things to do this weekend based on Chrissy Teigen’s Twitter musings:

1. Cook, obviously

She doesn’t have two cookbooks and a food website and a kitchen wares line (which, yes, you can get in Canada FYI) for nothing, people.

2. Cook something not from Cravings

Chrissy doesn’t want you to limit yourself. She’s also a fan of Indian-ish: Recipes and Antics from a Modern American Family from Priya Krishna and Padma Lakshmi and Sababa: Fresh, Sunny Flavors from My Israeli Kitchen by Adeena Sussman.

3. Order in or get takeout

Or forget cooking entirely and have someone else make you (and even bring you) food. The world is your oyster. Have a pretzel! Tacos! A burger! Whatever you want!

4. Fulfill a life-long dream

You know that thing you’ve wanted to do forever but haven’t taken the time to do yet? Do that thing this weekend. Back in February, Chrissy wished that Taco Bell had a Cool Ranch taco and lo and behold, in August, she fulfilled that dream and made her own. Dreams do come true.

5. Do a face mask

And do it anywhere. In public or otherwise. We believe in you.

6. Indulge your reality TV obsession

Where do we even start? The Chrissy-approved reality TV ranges from Love Island to 90 Day Fiancé to Four Weddings to any iteration of Housewives.

7. Watch a documentary

Hey, we all have layers and contain multitudes. If you’re feeling something heavier than reality TV, try true crime or a celebrity doc or Charles Manson: The Funeral.

8. Binge literally anything

Why are we even categorizing this? Chrissy loves almost all forms of bingable TV. Some of her faves are The Affair (watch it here), You, The Act, Dead to Me, Black Mirror, America’s Got Talent, The Handmaid’s Tale (watch it here), The Voice (watch it here) and Escape at Dannemora (watch it here).

9. Binge literally anything while eating

Merge your two passions by eating while binging your latest obsession.

10. Try something new

Shake things up a little by doing one thing you wouldn’t normally do. Try a new food; go to a fitness class you’ve been interested in; take up a new hobby—it’s how we stay sharp.

11. Book yourself a Cameo because you’re worth it

If you have $60 to $100 and want to do something stupid and fun with it, find a celeb you like on Cameo and get them to send you a personalized video message (just don’t use it for this).

12. Go apple picking

Who doesn’t love apple picking? If it’s not too late in the season, hit up your nearest orchard and get some farm-fresh fruit. It doesn’t have to be just apples either—as long as it’s not the dead of winter, there are likely produce-picking opportunities at your disposal.

13. Do another seasonal activity

Hit up a haunted house. Go skating or skiing. Plan a hike or picnic. Fly a kite. Go to the beach. Build a snowman.

14. Commit to something stupid and follow through

You know those days when you commit to one thing—maybe it’s a tedious but satisfying project or an internet deep-dive on the Sister Wives family (we’ve been there)—and spend hours focused on it? Have one of those days.

15. Save the planet (or show your support for someone who’s saving the planet)

The planet is on fire and you can spend your weekend learning all about it or, better yet, getting active in your community to fight it.

16. Find as many uses as you can for pork rinds

Weirdly specific, yes, but it’s definitely something Chrissy would do. After securing a ginormous bag of pork rinds from Thailand, she was on the hunt for ways to use them. Respect.

17. Start a book club

Hit up your local library for a book club to join or start your own (where you can drink/eat whatever you want).

18. Unplug

Disconnect from everything and feel the stress melt away as Twitter and Instagram become distant memories.

19. Get a colouring book or scratch-and-sketch book

Remember when adult colouring books became a thing and we were all mind-blown that grownups can colour too? Bring back that therapeutic self-care activity or punch it up with a scratch-and-sketch book.

20. Go to a theme park

If you live near a theme park, grab your friends, family or just yourself and head on over.

21. Have a garage sale

We could all stand to get rid of a few things, so why not make some cash off them with a garage sale? Alternatively, you could also hit up garage sales or thrift stores in your area if you’re in more of a shopping mood.

22. Do something you haven’t done since childhood

Watch a movie or TV show you loved as a kid while eating a Freezie, a Fruit by the Foot or homemade Dunkaroos.

23. Get into a sport

Play it yourself or pick a team you like and dedicate your mind, body and soul to watching them (lookin’ at you, Raptors).

24. Just spend 48 hours under a weighted blanket

Honestly, if you don’t have one, you’re missing out.

25. Do something healthy

Go for a walk. Do some exercise. Meditate. Meal prep. Drink water. Take care of those 256 unread emails.

26. Play a video game

We have it on good (Chrissy) authority that the Untitled Goose Game is good.

27. Listen to a podcast

Podcasts are fantastic because you can listen to them while walking, driving, doing chores, cooking, working out or just lying down with your eyes closed (under a weighted blanket).

28. Waste as much time as possible on Reddit and reject the guilt

Chrissy went down a Reddit rabbit hole in May and you can too!

29. Get a tattoo

ICYMI, the Teigen-Legends became a Tattoo Family this year so why not get some ink of your own like our favourite F-Bomb Mom?

30. Finally get that pet you’ve been talking about

Only do this one if you’ve been seriously considering getting a pet—we are not endorsing impulsive pet adoption. That being said, if you’ve been wanting a hamster for months, maybe this is the weekend to get it. Just don’t lose it because, as we learned from Chrissy, finding the little guy again may turn into a days long ordeal.

31. Eat junk food. Just do it.

Hey, what are weekends for if not Chex Mix, ice cream and that “deep fried BBQ chicken stuffed pizzadilla”?

32. Get a food dehydrator and take snacking to a new level

Think of the possibilities!

33. Have a night in by yourself

Sometimes mama (papa/sister/brother/roommate) needs some alone time so take advantage if you just so happen to get the house to yourself.

34. Hit up an arcade

Do people still go to arcades? Locate your nearest arcade and find out.

35. Spend hours making ridiculous photo edits

You can truly waste full days making outrageous edits to photos. Just be prepared for the consequences should you choose to post them.

36. Don’t go to the gym (or do, whatever)

Weekends are a common time to go to the gym. You can do that. Or you could not do that.

37. Make plans and then cancel them

What a joy! What a dream!

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