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1. Their coffee is coursing through the veins of 5.3 million Canadians right now.


2. They turned the unfortunately named ‘doughnut hole’ into the more family friendly ‘Timbit.’


3. They made gambling a socially acceptable way to start your day.

4. They’ve discovered the one thing that can make a croissant even better: cheese.


5. They made doughnuts a perfectly acceptable breakfast option (no judgement here).


6. They don’t discriminate against our wheat-challenged countrymen (hello gluten-free coconut macaroons!).

7. They made us all feel like winners, even if it’s just a free coffee…

8. …but they also know that coffee can be its own reward.

9. They’ve finally given non-pork eaters the breakfast sandwich they deserve.

10. Their new loyalty card means your caffeine addiction is finally paying off.


11. They inspired this mind-blowing ice cream creation.

12. They’re a cool place for Canadian celebrities to bring their famous pals.

13. They never stop trying to innovate…

CNW Group/Tim Hortons Inc.

14. …even though it doesn’t always work out.

15. They’ve got hockey in their blood.


16. They know the real meaning of supporting our troops.


17. They inspire really bad rap songs.

18. They acknowledge the tea biscuit’s supremacy as the ultimate delivery vehicle for the sausage patty.

19. They do tea the only way it was ever meant to be: steeped.

20. They don’t mind if you have your baby there. Bonus points if you name the kid Tim.

21. They help cool tensions with foreign nations during diplomatic spats.

22. They won’t judge you if you want to get married there. Even though the rest of us will.

23. Their online games are as addictive as Minesweeper, but less pathetic than solitaire.


24. There’s no pot of gold at the end of a Canadian rainbow–there’s a Tim Hortons. We’re not complaining.

25. They finally brought in debit, and made us feel OK about using it for a $1.65 purchase.


26. They provide a low-key place for a couple of superheroes to hang out and talk shop.

27. They fuel the Google Street View car with their sweet, sweet brew.

28. They’re pretty much the only place a family of four can eat lunch for under 20 bucks.


29. They have a super-rare, secret Timbit that you probably don’t even know about.

30. They made their own hockey song and it’s actually pretty badass.

31. They hate long lines as much as you do and they made an app to help you avoid them.


32. Their cups can be used for so much more than just holding coffee.


33. They legitimized our collective caffeine addiction by making the old large the new medium.


34. They love Jason Priestley as much as we do.


35. They have everything you need for a pretty awesome alternative to birthday cake.

36. They’ve inspired their very own cheap Chinese knockoff.

37. They’re a great place to take a date…or maybe meet the love of your life.

38. They’re willing to admit when they made a mistake and bring back an awesome menu item: The eclair!

39. They’re not afraid to have some fun with those little white markers.

40. There’s always one five minutes away, no matter where you are.

41. They know that maple syrup goes well on pretty much everything.


42. Their coffee warms us up on the most god-forsaken bone-chilling winter days.


43. They know that, sometimes, biting into a doughnut just takes too damn long.


44. They bring out the best in humanity.

45. They make you feel like a Canadian every time you walk through the door…even if you’re in the Middle East.

46. They care about the environment.


47. They introduced the phrase “double-double” into the national lexicon.

48. They don’t mind if you bring your snowmobile through the drive-through. Horses and Zambonis also welcome.

49. They’re always open, even when they probably shouldn’t be.

50. They make a damn fine cup of coffee.