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What better way to kick off the weekend than with the promise of soon-to-be fresh flowers and crisp rain to wash away the rest of those melting snowbanks? Spring is finally, officially here and we’ve got more than a few ideas on how to get in tip-top shape for the warmer weather.

1. Fold up your warm sweaters and store them in the back of your closet.

2. Or clean out that closet entirely and make a charitable donation.

3. Get a haircut or lighten up you locks.


4. Buy a new floral scent.

5. Treat yo’ self to a new pair of pumps (farewell boots!).

6. Seek out a cheery new umbrella.

7. Stock up on hand sanitizer (cold season is coming, after all).

8. Keep an eye out for a colourful new purse.

9. Master the art of making your own chilled latte.


10. And drink it in your new, colourful tumbler.

11. Send your best friend some tulips.

12. Or create a new centrepiece for your table.

13. Map out some new hiking trails for the weekend.

14. And splurge on some new waterproof hiking boots.

15. Make some citrus-flavoured water to keep in the fridge.

16. Stock up on fresh herbs — they’re finally back in season!


17. Buy a pretty new shade of lipstick.

18. Lighten up your table with new, colourful place mats.

19. Stash away the hockey socks and buy some funky light-weight ones instead.

20. Start a new workout routine, or punch up your old one. Bikini season is coming whether you like it or not.


21. Make a spring-inspired meal plan — and maybe go veg one night of the week?

22. Go on a first date – spring is the season of bloom, after all.

23. Clean of your deck chairs, patio or balcony.

24. Buy a new book to read on your freshly cleaned deck chairs, patio or balcony.

25. Break out the barbecue.

26. Invite friends over for sangria.

27. Pick out a new nail polish – it can be spring on your nails, too.

28. Ask friends out for coffee, and then drink it outside on the patio.

29. Make out on a park bench. #JustForFun.

30. Download Tinder. (Again.)


31. Retire your famous chilli recipe until next fall.

32. Invest in a new blender. Smoothie season is here!

33. Get your bike out of storage; maybe hit up a waterfront trail.

34. Take your car for a wash – no one likes salt rust.

35. And don’t forget to switch out those winter tires!

36. Gas up the lawn mower.

37. Stock up on summer lagers and citrus beers.

38. Or some sparkly pink wine, if that’s your jam instead.

39. Map out a weekend getaway (rooooad trip!).


40. Take up meditation.

41. Download a new yoga app, or try mindful practice tools like Headspace or Calm.

42. Take a kickboxing class and beat out the last of those winter blues.

43. Rediscover your love of Zumba.

44. Or, sign up for yoga in the park.

45. Take the kids back to the playground.

46. Invest in a new bronzer – summer is just around the corner.

47. Make something green: juice, salad, or even, nuts.

48. Download a fresh new playlist and hit the trails for an outdoor run.

49. Hit up a patio with some friends for brunch.

50. Practise some new up-dos. The humidity will soon be here.

beverly goldberg

51. Paint a wall a brand new, upbeat colour. Just ’cause you can.

52. Start a new Pinterest board with all your soon-to-have spring looks.

53. Plan your brand new garden by perusing through some garden porn for inspiration.

54. Just go outside. It’s been a while since we felt the warm sun on our faces, hasn’t it?