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Whether you work at an exciting start-up that has ping pong tables in the break room and a yoga centre in the boardroom, or you’re in a traditional office that seems to only buy furniture in the most depressing shade of grey available, all offices have their pros and cons.

What really makes a workplace comfortable and fun are the people that you share the communal fridge with (label everything!).

From police stations, to hospitals, governmental departments and a Telemarketing company, these TV shows remind us that work isn’t always so bad. Or at the very least, they’ll make you feel better about your own office.


Company: TelAmeriCorp

Industry: Telemarketing for Promotional Products

Boss: Alice Murphy

Staff: Three slackers who spend their days getting high and harassing their co-workers. Most of the employees at TelAmeriCorp are trying to do their job and clock out, except for Jillian. She actually cares.

Job Perks: You can do just about anything you want, including zero work, and not get fired.

Willingness to work there: Medium. If you don’t plan on climbing the corporate ladder and just want an easy pay cheque, this is the dream job.

Season 7 of Workaholics is now available on CraveTV.


Company: Los Angeles Police Department’s elite RHCU (Really Heinous Crimes Unit)

Industry: Police Force

Boss: Lieutenant Pritikin “Chet” Atkins

Staff: The staff is led by Angie Tribeca, a detective in the RCHU unit and her partner, Detective Geils, and their co-workers, Detective DJ Tanner, a human, and Detective Hoffman, a dog.

Job Perks: There is no pun you can make that’s so bad it will get you fired.

Willingness to work there: Medium. Calling in a dog with a gun as your back-up doesn’t seem, like, super safe.

Season 2 of Angie Tribeca is now available on CraveTV.


Company: The Office of the Former President of the United States

Industry: Politics

Boss: Selina Meyers

Staff: A group of people who will swear at you, undermine you, and do their best to take your job when you’re not looking. Actually, they’ll do it even when you are looking.

Job Perks: You can say just about anything you want as long as no journalists hear you. Plus, you may get to take a meeting in the Oval office, or at least get yelled at while standing two feet away from the Emancipation Proclamation.

Willingness to work there: Low. Unless you’re okay with your boss yelling at you, then in that case, very high.

Season 6 of Veep premieres Sunday, April 16 on HBO Canada.


Company: Dunder-Mifflin

Industry: Paper and printers (following Sabre acquisition)

Boss: Michael Scott

Staff: Office workers with varying degrees of interest in their job who you will get to know much more intimately than you may want to.

Job Perks: You could find your soul mate at work, or at least become semi-famous from a PBS documentary.

Willingness to work there: Medium. The boss is unpredictable and the job is pretty boring, but there are lots of parties with cakes, and on your birthday you get to choose between an hour of TV at work or a nap.


Company: The Pawnee Parks Department

Industry: Parks and Rec(reation)

Boss: Leslie Knope

Staff: People who range from dislike to full-on loathing of the department they work in.

Job Perks: Your boss will probably make a scrap book about your friendship and many of the meetings include waffles.

Willingness to work there: High. Great medical benefits, a pension, and if you do your job poorly, your boss will cover for you.


Company: Pied Piper

Industry: Tech

Boss: Richard Hendricks

Staff: A group of friends who spend their days coding, building apps, and making fun of one another relentlessly.

Job Perks: You can wear a sweatshirt and New Balance shoes to work every day.

Willingness to work there: Medium. Like we said, sweatshirt and New Balance shoes. It’s both a blessing and a curse.

Season 4 of Silicon Valley premieres Sunday, April 23 on HBO Canada.


Company: TGS With Tracy Jordan / NBC

Industry: TV, Media

Boss: Liz Lemon and Jack Donaghy

Staff: Writers who dislike everyone, a cast that dislikes everyone, and a boss that dislikes everyone.

Job Perks: There are very few mistakes you can make that will get you fired and the catering at craft services is excellent.

Willingness to work there: High. You can be a terrible actor or comedian and still have a hit show, along with the fame (limited) and fortune (minimal) that comes with it.