No, Studio 54 isn’t reopening, but the season’s hottest trends are stripped from the high-flying decade of disco, debauchery and Donna Summer. This time around, the fabrics breathe (hallelujah!), the fits are flattering (amen!), and the clothes look good on everyone. To celebrate, we’re taking our style cues from the icons of the day to create modern looks that are anything but dated. Can you dig it?

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"I don’t want to wear what every other woman wears. I won’t be dictated to."
- Bianca Jagger -

Bianca Jagger

Glitz & Glamour

The '70s were all about decadence – from lush furs to diamonds. Opulence wasn’t just a trend, it was a state of mind. And no one did it better than Bianca Jagger. To get her look today, pair a cozy faux-fur coat (no need for the real deal) with contrasting white trousers and a white blouse. It’s sleek and sophisticated without too much fuss. Therefore, it’s perfection. Just like Jagger.

Make It Modern
  • A Fringed Vest

    If you’re wearing jeans, it’s fitted on the bottom and forgiving on top. So, choose less structured pieces like a fringed vest to give your outfit some character.

  • Cropped Trousers

    When it comes to trousers, look for something that hugs at the waist and is free everywhere else. These make for beautiful layering pieces.

  • Fancy Gloves

    If you’re going for glam, you need accessories to give your overall look personality. Think faux-fur trim and subtle-yet-sparkly embellishments. You’re cool, remember that.

  • Gold Accessories

    When you think ’70s, you think gold. But you don’t need to pull on a metallic jumpsuit. Instead, opt for smaller pieces, such as a chunky gold bracelet or necklace. You’ll get the same impact and won’t look like you’re wearing a costume.

"Farrah was one of the iconic beauties of our time...
The Marilyn Monroe of the 1970s"
- Hugh Hefner -

Farrah Fawcett


Farrah Fawcett was the ultimate bombshell. In the ’70s, every boy had her poster on his wall, and every girl wanted her classic all-American look. Bring it into 2015 with basics you already own and a few key additions. Just lay off the feathered hair, okay?

Make It Modern
  • A Turtleneck

    Turtlenecks are in. The once-maligned separate is back, and the feeling is cashmere. It’s a soft and contemporary play on the classic plus it’s the perfect second skin as the temperature begins to drop.

  • Sporty Sneaker

    Kicks are all the rage right now. They come in a million different colours and styles, which makes finding your inner Farrah that much easier; the Charlie’s Angel loved a cool and comfortable sneaker.

  • A Crewneck

    We know not everyone is going to rock a turtleneck, but don’t fret: Fawcett had
    just as much of an affinity for a classic
    crewneck sweater. Mix the look up with
    an always-in-style Breton stripe.

  • Flared Pants

    Fawcett’s fave flares are totally back in style, but don’t settle for denim alone. While that absolutely works, try other textures, too, like tweed or linen. You’ll look just as hot.

"I want to be more than a rose in my husband's lapel."
- Margaret Trudeau -

Margaret Trudeau


Even Canada had a ’70s wild child. When Margaret “Maggie” Trudeau wasn’t partying with the Rolling Stones, she was a style muse (and the prime minister’s wife). She could literally do it all – from weekends at Studio 54 to rubbing elbows with world leaders. Consider her our Jackie O...but with fewer pillbox hats.

Make It Modern
  • A Plaid Shirt

    There was something so effortless about Trudeau’s style back then. She could wear a simple plaid shirt and pair of pants, and you still wanted to be her. In 2015, opt for a modern fit that’s loose everywhere but the structured shoulder. Let it flow or do an easy tuck – either way, Mrs. Trudeau would approve.

  • High-Waisted Pants

    Trudeau was definitely a fan of a slightly higher waist. The leg of the pant shouldn’t be too extreme though: Look for a slight flare or go long and straight; both will give you a tall and lean silhouette.

  • A Modest Heel

    Basic isn’t necessarily a bad thing when it comes to shoes; it just means opting for neutrals like blacks, blues and browns. You’re essentially following in the footsteps of Canadian royalty, so keep the shoe conservative but inject a bit of fun with a cute heel or playful details like studs or tassels.

  • A Red Wool Coat

    The topper is the perfect place to add some colour. A red wool jacket or bold patterned overcoat will certainly make a statement. The world sees the coat, so make it count.

"I cut out all the pictures I could find of Keith Richards. I studied them for a while and took up the scissors, machete-ing my way out of the folk era."
- Patti Smith -

Patti Smith

'N' Roll

It’s time to rock. And in the ’70s, no one rocked harder than Patti Smith. She has a scream you’ll never forget and was the soulmate of artist Robert Mapplethorpe. Basically, she’s cooler than us, which is why hers is a look we’d love to be able pull off. Smith could make a feminine white frock look hard and even managed to turn “tennis player in mourning” into a thing.

Make It Modern
  • A Monk-Strap Shoe

    Smith doesn’t mind getting dirty, so you shouldn’t care if your shoes aren’t pristine. A weathered monk-strap shoe is the perfect choice because it’s effortlessly rough in all the right ways.

  • An Embellished Black Tee

    Black is the new black. Whether it’s a skirt, a shirt or a pair of pants, to pull off Smith’s style, you gotta have a well-stocked black wardrobe.

  • Printed Jeans

    A printed jean is a cool way to channel Smith without completely ripping off something she’s worn; it’s hardened but contemporary. Modernize the look with a classic print like a vertical stripe (bonus: it’s super slimming).

  • A Tassel Necklace

    Smith has been shot with flowers in her hair but also with unwashed hair and no accessories at all. The key is minimalism. Look for jewelry that’s playful without being too showy, such as a simple pendant or tassel necklace.