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Welcome back, designers. Project Runway: All Stars is here once more, bringing together fan favourites to duke it out for a $100,000 cash prize. Alyssa Milano returns as host, and Marchesa designer Georgina Chapman, and fashion dad from the ’90s Issac Mizrahi are the head judges. It’s gonna be cutthroat and fabulous (well, sometimes it will). For the first episode, we were delighted to see season one (and season two) designer Daniel Franco has returned. He also – spoiler – almost got kicked off in the first episode (again). Since it’s all about being in one day and out the next, we thought it’d be fun to do a bit of judging of our own. So, here are all the designer looks from episode one – which one is your fave?

Ken Laurence

This is such a Kim Kardashian look, if we’ve ever seen one. That peplum is drawing attention right to the hips and rump, which is key to getting that accentuated hourglass look. We also like the laser-cut details in the skirt a lot, and overall we’d say this is a pretty A+ look.

giphy (1)

We also love that the peplum isn’t super-structured and one-dimensional. Just check out the movement.

giphy (2)

Emily Payne

As Canadians, we are drawn to this outfit. That sweater looks very comfortable. Those pants are also super-sumptuous, and we’d like a pair. The colour scheme is not our favourite, if we’re being honest. But this is an outfit that you’d get so warm and cozy in, you’d just fall asleep. So it’s not like anyone is going to see it.

giphy (3)

Okay, we definitely don’t like the bell sleeves. Why does a ribbed sweater need bell sleeves?

giphy (4)

Fade Zu Grau

This is youthful. The cropped shirt has totally Swifty vibes, but that skirt is the real money-maker. It’s A-line and flattering, and we’re digging the print from the top’s return as a bandana around the skirt’s waist.

giphy (5)

Boom. Seriously, this skirt is money.

giphy (6)

Asha Daniels

The braided leather totally paid off here. That’s just a lot of detail in such a limited amount of time. Sure, it’s not as form-fitting as we’d like to see (it’s not our favourite, okay), but a full leather dress in a day? Um, sorry but not many people can do that.

giphy (7)

Those braids.

giphy (8)

Daniel Franco

This dress is actually gross. It’s puckering and pinching all over the place, and it doesn’t have a definable shape at all. Plus that baby blue colour…

giphy (9)


giphy (10)

Sam Donovan

When this sportswear-inspired jumpsuit went down the runway, we were all “snap, snap, snap, yes mama,” because what else is there to say? The fit is superb, the colour-blocking is magic and the model just looks like she’s straight-up loving it.

giphy (11)

Mesh, mesh, baby.

giphy (12)

Kini Zamora

This look is so boring. Sure, there are some technical elements (those asymmetrical pleats at the waist are not really easy to do), but they don’t really pop. It just looks like your average party dress with a white bolero.

giphy (13)

No one wears boleros anymore.

giphy (14)

Dom Streater

Anyone who can make a print jacket in a day that looks this cute should get a round of applause. It’s cute, but there are some issues. It looks wrinkled, for one. And she’s got a Pepto pink bodysuit of sorts underneath. Why? Who can even say.

giphy (15)

If this jacket were solidly strutured, we’d order one immediately.

giphy (16)

Valerie Mayen

We’re just gonna go ahead and say it: Valerie made a kids outfit, essentially. This is barely a dress. Someone else made a whole jacket! Get your act together, girl.

giphy (17)

The geometric cut-outs are for sure cute, but they don’t really carry the whole look.

giphy (18)

Stella Zotis

We love Stella. She knows she’s badass, and her clothes reflect that. Everything fits splendidly, and while not everyone will wear her rock and roll, bar mama vibe, she does it beautifully.

giphy (19)


giphy (20)

Mitchell Perry

From afar, this kind of has Viktor and Rolf vibes. But just wait for it…

giphy (21)

Oh, boy. Nothing like a weird “pressed breast” look from the side.

giphy (22)

Layana Aguilar

This is by far our favourite. That armour-inspired top is flawless (if you don’t have breasts) and we’re big fans of a full skirt.

giphy (23)

Again, you cannot have breasts if you want to wear this.

giphy (25)

Alexander Pope

This is like a raincoat-dress, and we don’t hate it? We just wish it didn’t have that foil renaissance damask thing happening in the oil-slick finish. That seems so deeply mid-2000s to us.

giphy (24)

Like, seriously, you could have bought a throw pillow at Restoration Hardware that looked basically like this. we will say Alexander has some terrific tailoring chops, though.

giphy (26)

SPOILER: Daniel and Mitchell were on the bottom this week, but neither were sent home! But they really need to step it up.

Project Runway All Stars airs on Bravo every Thursday at 9 P.M. ET