Hometown: Lethbridge, Alta.

Where you’ve seen her: Presenting the day’s headlines on CBC Toronto News and leading newscasts on Global News Toronto.

What she’ll bring to your morning: “Hopefully a laugh or two,” she says. “I want [my viewers] to feel smarter.”

How she takes her coffee: Fancy: Anne-Marie likes lattes.

Early-morning wakeup tip: Set a second emergency alarm and arrange a wakeup call, if you can. “Simple is the way to go,” she says.

Breakfast of choice: Eggs, sausage and bacon with maple syrup

The one story she’ll never forget: The shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary Schoolin Newtown, Connecticut, in 2012. “That night, when I went home, I picked up all my kids, who were asleep in their beds, and brought them into our bed,” she said. “I wanted to hear and feel them breathing because I could, and that felt like a huge blessing that night.”

Proudest moment: Raising her triplets. “Remaining physically strong and mentally strong took a lot of work.”

Tweet, like, pin or gram: Twitter or Instagram

Favourite person to follow: Toronto-based baker Yolanda Gampp, because her creations are like the ones you’d see on the show Cake Boss, “except all her cakes are edible.”

Worst thing she’s missed by sleeping in: Nothing! Anne-Marie claims she’s never hit the snooze too many times before an important event.