Hometown: Montreal

Where you’ve seen him: Co-hosting the entertainment news program etalk, dishing out headlines on Canada AM and rubbing shoulders with Hollywood A-listers at red carpet events.

What he’ll bring to your morning: A little masculinity. “As the only man on the show, I’m in charge of bringing the testosterone,” he said. “Besides that, I have a real curiosity to learn a little bit about absolutely everything… Hopefully, our viewers will get something out of that.”

How he takes his coffee: Just cream, but “not a lot”

Early-morning wakeup tip: Hit the bathroom as fast as possible. “By the time you’re in the shower, you’re awake—you’re not happy but you’re awake.”

Breakfast of choice: Bacon, eggs and sausage

The one story he’ll never forget: The attacks on New York on Sept. 11, 2001. “I came into work; everyone was looking up at the TVs…and I realized, my brother was writing his exam right there [in New York]!”

Proudest moment: “Seeing my wife walk down the aisle” and “holding my kids for the first time.”

Tweet, like, pin or gram: Twitter

Favourite person to follow: “I’m not sure; I look at it as a collective.”

Worst thing he’s missed by sleeping in: “Nothing,” he says. “I have not made a habit out of missing appointments and I’m not about to start.”