Your Complete Guide To Dressing Your Body This Fall

Bodies come in all shapes and sizes. In fact, no two are exactly alike, and clothes that work for some may not work as well for others. So, what’s a gal to do? Listen up: We’re breaking down fall’s hottest trends by body type and giving you enough options to shine through the season’s most blustery days. We’ve got you covered…literally.

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You’re a pear, which means most of your weight is in your butt, thighs and hips, but you’re small on top. Translation: It often feels like nothing is made for you. Don’t worry: We’re here to sort you out.

  • A Turtleneck

    Treat yo’self and go for cashmere. It’ll feel so good against every curve. Mmm…like a hug from a cat. (Or, if you’re allergic to cats, a hug from a dog.)

  • Heels

    The higher you are off the ground, the taller you’ll feel. But if you aren’t comfortable in a high heel, it will show. Pick a height that is manageable for you. Suffering for fashion is so 1987.

  • A Single-Button Blazer

    Your small shoulders, narrow waist and full hips can all be balanced with a single-button blazer. The structured shoulder gives the impression of a broader top, while the button cinches the narrowest part of your body.

  • A High-Waisted Skirt

    A high-waisted midi is actually a good idea for you. With the blazer on, the skirt’s waistline will meet where the jacket cinches; worn alone, it’s the perfect height for an easy, smooth tuck.


You basically have a Kardashian body, little Miss Curves. You should be looking for shorter hems (not mini but not maxi either) and cuts that draw attention to your angles.

  • A-Line Dresses & Skirts

    If you’re going to wear a dress, A-line is key, but it’s equally important it’s cinched at the waist; you want to accentuate your curves not hide them in a sack. The same goes for skirts: A-line all the way. This will ensure your hips are contained and thighs camouflaged. Hey, it’s not a universally liked cut for nothing.

  • Pointy Booties

    A pointed toe will lengthen your legs as if by magic. The apex adds a couple of extra inches to the leg line, giving the eye more to look at. But don’t worry, your feet won’t look huge; just be sure to choose a bootie with at least a slight heel.

  • A Toggle Coat

    Toggles not only firmly close a jacket, but they also give to accommodate a larger bust. Look for toggles that are wide and long to avoid any gaping. Alternatively, you could opt for a duffle coat with a zipper to put any worries about puckering to rest for good.

Long & Lean

Who knows how you got the body you have? Perhaps you were an all-star track athlete or maybe you once had dreams of being a prima ballerina. Either way, you’re lithe but strong like a beautiful, human flamingo.

  • A Bold Wrap-Coat

    Being long and lean provides you with a lot of options. That’s just the way it is, okay? We recommend going all out this year – at least on the jacket. Find a macro-print wrap-coat. You’ll still look lithe, but 100 per cent more classy.

  • A Modern Oxford

    Your outfit might feel basic, but honestly, why mess with the classics when you look this good wearing them? If you want to add a bit of razzle-dazzle, look for a metallic flat with some good grip – no more, no less.

  • A Cashmere Crewneck

    Cashmere is universally good, but long and lean figures will look best in a crewneck. It will put the emphasis on your shoulders and then fill out the other areas as it hangs.

  • Skinny Jeans

    You’ve got this frame that won’t quit so show it off. A-line skirts won’t flatter your slim silhouette, so look for pencil skirts or an updated skinny jean instead. Those pieces are gonna make you look fine.


You’re a short and lean gal. People may think the world belongs to you, but that’s not always true, is it? Sometimes, it’s hard to find clothes! You need cropped pieces and separates, separates and more separates.

  • A Cropped Jacket

    A cropped jacket is a great staple for any petite gal. It won’t completely overtake you or cut you off at the knee. Having a jacket that hits you right at the waist will help you stand tall, even though you aren’t. And you want to glide in your clothes, not drown.

  • A Short Skirt

    A short skirt shows off more leg; more leg, more length. It’s a good rule of thumb. A mini skirt encourages the eye up and down the leg. Where do they end? Where do they begin? That’s what we’re looking for, ladies.

  • A Blouse-Tank Combo

    You can carry a bit of extra fabric when you’re petite; simply tuck the excess into your waistband. Or keep it flowing to create the illusion of an elongated torso. (Just make sure it’s not wrinkled.)

  • A Heeled Bootie

    Since your legs are protected from the elements, you can get away with a low-cut bootie. Don’t be shy: Look for a heel that’s going to give you a boost and make those legs look even longer.