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Here’s what you need to know about the change coming in January 2020 when logging out of your Bell email.

What is changing when I log out of my Bell email?

Instead of the Loop, Bell Email users will be redirected to the CTV News website ( when logging out of their Bell email. We received a lot of feedback that users prefer news when logging out of their email. We’ve made the change based on that feedback.

When will this change happen?

The change will happen during the month of January 2020.

Will I still be able to find the Bell email login link on the Loop?

Yes, the email links will remain at the top of the Loop website, and on the right side of the homepage.

Who should I reach out to if I have any questions about the change?

If you have any questions or comments about the change, please reach out to

Where’s my email link?

You’ll find the Bell Mail link prominently displayed in the right side of the navigation bar at the top of the site. Links to Outlook and Gmail are included there as well.

I can’t see The Loop. Is there something wrong with my browser?

The Loop was built using the latest technology. It’s faster, easier to use and, most importantly, more secure. Your browser, on the other hand, is out-of-date. In order to properly experience The Loop, you’ll need to upgrade your browser.

Here’s a list of browsers supported by The Loop:

Download one of these (free!) browsers to ensure the best web experience possible on The Loop and beyond.

Still experiencing display issues? Try clearing your browser’s cache.

Where do I find Bell information and how do I log into my Bell account?

Visit for more information on Bell services and to log into MyBell.

Is my Bell internet service affected by The Loop?

Your Bell internet service remains as it was before, nothing changes. Choosing to have The Loop as your home page is your choice to make, but we’d love to be a part of your life online.

Where is the search box/bar? How do I search the site?

Looking for something? Select the red magnifying glass on the right side of the top navigation bar to search The Loop. Enter your query into the search box, click on the large magnifying glass and voila!

I’m using a Chrome browser and can’t view videos. What do I do?

You may have received an error message that a plug-in has crashed or stopped. This will likely require a change to a plug-in that the Chrome browser loads by default with each new version. To make the necessary change, please follow the steps provided here.

Where can I find the weather? YellowPages? Flyers?

All three are centrally located in the “Services” box on the right side of The Loop’s home page.

What happened to TV Guide Canada?

TC Media has ceased generating TV Guide Canada content, and therefore you will no longer see it featured on this site. The Loop remains your go-to destination for social entertainment content, including TV coverage.

Where are my TV listings?

As of spring 2015, we no longer provide TV listings by date and channel. The Loop is Canada’s source for social entertainment content, so head over to our TV section for the latest on what you’ve just gotta watch on the tube.

Where can I find similar content in French?

Non, nous ne parlons pas francais, but our sister site, French, does. French-speaking users can click on the “En Français” link found at the bottom right of the page. ( French remains unchanged.)

Still have questions? Send us your feedback.

While trying to watch video on the website, I received an “Adobe Flash Player is out-of-date” message.

Follow the instructions to update to the latest version of Adobe Flash Player.

While trying to watch video on the website, I received a “Right Click to play Adobe Flash Player” or “Enable Adobe Flash Player” message.

Right click on the message within the video player and follow the steps to play video instantly. If that doesn’t work or isn’t available, follow the steps to enable Adobe Flash Player in your browser:

How do I enable Adobe Flash Player in my browser?

To watch video on our website Flash plugin must be enabled. Follow the directions here:

Why is Flash being disabled in my browser by default?

Browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari are disabling flash by default. In the coming months, we will have a new solution that will not require Flash and will meet all new industry standards. The transition will be seamless to our customers and video will continue to work.

I missed today’s episode of The Social – when will it become available online?

New episodes of the Social become available later that same day. Average turn around time is 3 hours. So if when the show airs at 1:00 PM it should be up and running by 4:00 PM EST.

How can I be an intern at The Social?

We’re looking for full time or part time interns who are available Monday to Friday.

Here are some requirements:

  • Students must earn course credit for this internship. It’s a company policy; no exceptions.
  • Students must be currently enrolled in a broadcast journalism or equivalent media studies program.
  • The position is solely production-based, so we are seeking students with production objectives.

Please note that our offices and studio are located in downtown Toronto, at 299 Queen Street West.

Interested? Send your resume and cover letter to