Hometown: Toronto, Ont.

Where you’ve seen her: Holding down the news desk on Toronto’s CP24.

What she’ll bring to your morning: Relatability. Lindsey wants the discussions she has on-air to resemble the ones you’d have “at the breakfast table.”

How she takes her coffee: She prefers tea, with four milks. “I never even know how to order that at Tim Hortons,” she says.

Early-morning wakeup tip: Talk lots, and talk often. “I talk to as many people as possible to get my voice going.”

Breakfast of choice: Lots of fruit, sometimes served with a boiled egg and cheese.

The one story she’ll never forget: Lindsey’s first day on the job at CP24 was also the same day both Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson died in 2009. “People at Yonge and Dundas were busting a move for us [in tribute].”

Proudest moment: “My children,” she said. “They’re the coolest people I’ve ever met.”

Tweet, like, pin or gram: Instagram

Favourite person to follow: American actor Oliver Hudson.  “He’s hilarious.”

Worst thing she’s missed by sleeping in: “I was awkwardly late for a school photo,” she said. “I [would’ve had to] run across a field in the middle of the shot…I skipped it.”