Hometown: Caledon, Ontario

Where you’ve seen her: Holding court with the ladies of The Social, co-hosting CP24 Breakfast or hobnobbing with the Royal Family as the celebrity ambassador of The Prince’s Charities Campaign for Wool.

What she’ll bring to your morning: A new perspective. “I’m trying to get people to ask different questions.”

Coffee order: Two cream, two sweetener

Early-morning wakeup tip: “I never do the ‘ahh!’ ‘ahh!’ ‘ahh!” [of a traditional alarm clock].” Ease into the day with the gentle noises of waves crashing or birds chirping in the morning. Bonus pro tip: Prepare all of your outfits for the week on Sunday.

Breakfast of choice: “Protein, protein, heavy protein!” Think scrambled eggs, Greek yogurt, granola and honey.

The one story she’ll never forget: The Sunrise Propane explosion of 2008. Grelo was actually celebrating her bachelorette party outside Toronto when she received a frantic call from her boss, who wanted her to cover the story. “My boss actually sent the work helicopter,” she said. “I ended up doing all the reporting from the helicopter, live.”

Proudest moment: “Having a daughter and launching a new national show, [The Social,] at practically the same time. Talk about a balancing act!”

Tweet, like, pin or ‘gram? Instagram

Favourite person to follow: Kendall Jenner. “The Kardashian clan, for better or for worse, are tastemakers.”

Worst thing missed by sleeping in: “It was actually in my other life as a teacher. I slept in enough that there would have to be another teacher to cover the first half of class.”