Hometown: Regina, SK

Where you’ve seen her: Doing the news at CTV Atlantic.

What she’ll bring to your morning: A healthy balance of the latest news with some lighter stories “to give you a reason to smile in the morning.”

How she takes her coffee: “I love lattes and flat whites, but if it’s regular coffee I’ll take it with cream.”

Early-morning wakeup tip: Go to bed early. “I try to go to bed pretty early, like 7:30.” Other than that, Priya says “a coffee right away makes for a better day!”

Breakfast of choice: Eggs. “I eat them every day and every way.”

The one story she’ll never forget: “An investigative story I worked on about a church in Africville, Nova Scotia. It was demolished and no one ever knew when or how it happened until we found a never-before-seen document that had a demolition date.”

Proudest moment: “Getting this job!”

Tweet, like, pin or gram: Twitter for news and Instagram for life.

Favourite person to follow: Anyone who posts adorable animal photos.

Worst thing she’s missed by sleeping in: Priya doesn’t sleep in. “I never hit snooze and I choose the most annoying sound for my phone alarm so I can’t sleep through it.”