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Oh, the trials and tribulations of the vertically challenged. It can be quite annoying, having to always round up our height, requiring a pillow when we drive, getting the kids’ menu at restaurants, every maxi skirt becomes a maxi dress, capris become regular pants, crop tops fit like regular shirts, gaining two pounds looks like we’ve gained 10 and people remind us that we’re short. Yes, we live it, we get it.

But there are also times where being short isn’t all that bad. As with everything else there are downsides, but we like to think the positives outweigh the bad stuff. Or at the very least, it’s a draw. The best and worst parts of being short actually aren’t so bad after all. Fellow shorties, this is our life. Embrace it, be proud of it and be careful getting down from that bar stool.

Planes, trains…

The bad: When taller people hold a door for you and expect you to duck under their armpit. Why??

The good: But, come on, legroom for days. Karma.


… and automobiles

The bad: If the sun is just rising or about to set, no visor will ever block that beam of light.

The good: You’re usually stuck in the back seat’s middle, but your knees still aren’t near the seats in front of you, unlike the two giants you’re sandwiched between.

👊🚘 #roadtrips #tbt #throwback #weekend #dallas #love #atx #texas #photobomb #instagood #backseat A photo posted by Danielle (@miss_daniellerenee) on



The bad: Being referred to as “pint-sized,” “mini,” “fun-sized” (grrr) or someone saying they want to put you in their pocket is terrible. And uninspired.

The good: But we also get a shout-out in 50 Cent’s “In Da Club,” and “Go Tall-y, it’s your birthday” doesn’t have the same ring to it.


The bad: That lone wet sock at the back or bottom of the washing machine is your Everest.

The good: You get to buy a new, fancy front-loading machine.


The bad: People always pat you on the head, or worse, use you as an armrest.

The good: But people tend to think you’re younger than you are and you’ll be carded forever.

My life #shortpeopleproblems #femme A photo posted by @homedepotlesbian on



The bad: You spend a fortune on alterations.

The good: But you can shop in the kids’ section, which is way cheaper.


The bad: When you wear flats you’re basically a foot shorter than everyone around you.

The good: You can wear heels whenever you want, whoever you’re with, on whatever occasion, and not have to fret about being too tall.

Out and About

The bad: You can’t ever reach the top shelf at the grocery store, and our kitchens always feature that unsightly stool that can’t ever be put away.

The good: But every potential date (maybe the guy who helped you get that box of cereal from that too-high shelf) will almost always be taller than you.

This is what I’m talking about lol #Teamwork but knowing my #clumsy self… I’d fall lol #shortpeopleproblems A photo posted by Beverly, Just Me ♎ (@miigirl.witlocs) on



The bad: Going to a show where there’s standing-room-only and you can’t see over people’s heads is the worst.

The good: But, hey, you’re built for crowd-surfing. That’s something to celebrate.


The bad: You will never be a supermodel.

The good: But you can always be a jockey. It’s safer anyway.


The bad: Your feet don’t touch the ground while you sit and after a while your legs, especially your knees, start to ache.

The good: But there’s something freeing about swinging your legs, all footloose and fancy-free.


Need a lift

The bad: People think it’s OK to pick you up. Without even asking.

The good: When you’re walking in a pool and you’re completely submerged at the five-foot marker, you actually need that helping hand.

When you try to take a nice photo but you can’t touch the ground #shortpeopleproblems A photo posted by Victoria Loughlin (@victorialoughlin101) on



The bad: Knowing your kid will be taller than you sucks.

The good: You’ll always be adorable — even to your grown, foot-taller son.



The bad: It takes several tries to get the perfect combination of your taller friend squatting and you on your tippiest of tippy-toes.

The good: You’re always front and centre.


The bad: You’re always looking up.

The good: Literally and metaphorically. So bunny punny.

Me when I sit in a booth. #shortpeopleproblems #bunny A photo posted by Ninapalacio (@ninapalacio) on