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Let’s face it. As great as the cast, humor and the always amazing Anna Kendrick are in the Pitch Perfect movies, the real star of both movies? The music. You don’t walk out of Pitch Perfect quoting lines of dialogue as much as you wind up humming songs and listening to them endlessly on Spotify. It’s pretty easy to get obsessed. Which we’re about to prove with this definitive ranking of every song performed in both Pitch Perfect movies.

Our commitment to ranking accuracy means we had to include a few songs that don’t have clips yet. You’ll thank us later!

So, turn up your speakers, and let’s get started, Aca-bitches!

27. “The Final Countdown,” Hullabahoos (Pitch Perfect)

It’s a barely there performance in the movie, but even if it were a full one, this song is pretty much owned by Arrested Development now.

26. “Let It Whip,” The Treblemakers (Pitch Perfect)

It’s fine, but how do you top the original’s magnificence?

25. “Jump,” Das Sound Machine, Tone Hanger, The Treblemakers, Green Bay Packers (Pitch Perfect 2)

It’s not so much a performance as it is background music for a party. And honestly? Kris Kross’ song gets old fast.

24. “Promises/Problem,” The Bellas (Pitch Perfect 2)

The Bellas are meant to be off their game here, and, well, they are. A lifeless performance both vocally and visually. Also we should never be shown Anna Kendrick in cornrows ever again.

23. “The Signs/Eternal Flame/Turn the Beat Around,” The Bellas (Pitch Perfect)

This snooze-fest doesn’t do two of the greatest songs of all time justice (if you have to be told which two they are, you’re beyond help) That – like No. 24 – is the point, of course. Mission accomplished, movie!

22. “Blame It On the Boogie,” The Footnotes (Pitch Perfect)

A super boring song. Good dancing though.

21. “F**K You,” The Sockapella (Pitch Perfect)

Look, even the Avenue Q use of sock puppets for Cee-Lo Greens’s song doesn’t save the fact that these people are just wearing dirty laundry on their hands.

20. “Winter Wonterland/Here Comes Santa Claus,” Snoop Dog/Becca (Pitch Perfect 2)

We never knew that a) Snoop Dogg has a smooth singing voice and b) we secretly wanted him to sing “Winter Wonterland.”

19. “Lollipop,” The Treblemakers (Pitch Perfect 2)

We could listen to Skylar Astin’s voice all day, and it’s in high form here. And MIKA isn’t easy to sing. Believe us, we’ve tried.

18. “Please Don’t Stop the Music,” The Treblemakers (Pitch Perfect)

The first song performed in Pitch Perfect, and it set the mark for the kind of awesomeness we could come to expect.

17. “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy/Can’t Hurry Love/Lady Marmelade/MmmBop/My Lovin’ (You’re Never Gonna Get It),” The Bellas (Pitch Perfect 2)

Okay, so it’s not technically a performance so much as The Bellas accompanying their own training montage. But come on, they sing Hanson. HANSON!

16. “Car Show (Uprising)”, Das Sound Machine (Pitch Perfect 2)

Lasers. Accents. Beatboxing. Massive choreography. German and a capella performance efficiency at its best.

15. “Right Round,” The Treblemakers (Pitch Perfect)

The Wedding Singer memories for the win.

14. “Any Way You Want It,” Penatonix, Filharmonic, The Cantasticos, The Singboks, Penn Masala (Pitch Perfect 2)

A great song, inventively sung in multiple language, gives this a really fun international feel. Also, Penatonix basically wear a Canadian flag as an outfit.

13. “My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light Em Up)/All I Do Is Win,” Das Sound Machine (Pitch Perfect 2)

A powerhouse performance, with amazing layered singing, crazy choreography that even includes fake slow motion (What? We think that’s cool). You also have to appreciate how Pitch Perfect 2 makes Das Sound Machine’s performance both great and… kind of menacing?

12. Riff Off (Pitch Perfect 2)

The riff off returns to Pitch Perfect 2, with amazing categories like Songs About Butts and I Dated John Mayer. Hearing The Green Bay Packers (yes, really) sing “Bootylicious” is worth the price of admission alone.

11. “We Got the World/Timber/Wrecking Ball,” The Bellas (Pitch Perfect 2)

This outdoes anything the Bellas do in the first Pitch Perfect. We get flashy sequins, dazzling sparklers and fancy choreography. Plus Rebel Wilson does “Wrecking Ball.” That’s all we ever wanted in life.

10. “Cups,” Beca (Pitch Perfect)

You know and love the song. You helped make it a chart topping single and music video for Anna Kendrick. You learned how to do the thing with the cups. All because this song is, and forever will be, awesome.

9. “Since You’ve Been Gone,” Various (Pitch Perfect)

If karaoke has taught us anything, it’s that great songs can survive even the worst singers. And like karaoke, what’s great about this moment is hearing such a fun, diverse array of vocal talent – good and bad – take on Kelly Clarkson.


8. “Just the Way You Are/Just a Dream,” The Bellas (Pitch Perfect)

It’s a beautiful mash-up of two wonderful songs. We’re not the only ones who pretend The Bellas are singing this to us, right?

7. “Party in the USA,” The Bellas (Pitch Perfect)

Scientists have proven that road trip sing-alongs in movies are the best. They used this performance to prove it.

6. “We Belong,” Fat Amy and Adam Devine (Pitch Perfect 2)

We nominate Rebel Wilson to solo every Pat Benatar song in a boat and release it as an album. Just so we can get more of this glorious goodness.

5. The Riff-Off, Various (Pitch Perfect)

We wish our pool parties were this cool. And involved the same amount of “No Diggity.” The song. Not, um, what the song is about.

4. “Run the World (Girls)/Where Them Girls/We Belong/Timber/Flashlight,” The Bellas (Pitch Perfect 2)

The final performance of Pitch Perfect 2 is just, well, perfectly put together with a great mash-up, original song, and opening that finds The Bellas setting up the beat by doing with their hands what Becca did with her cups way back when.

3. “Bright Lights Bigger City/Magic,” The Treblemakers (Pitch Perfect)

Yes, this is great, but we’ll admit we rank this higher because we’re suckers for B.O.B.’s underrated song. Also, come on, you gotta admire the cleverness of using the song “Magic” for Benji, the magic nerd, to have his big moment.

2. “Cups,” The Bellas (Pitch Perfect 2)

A beautifully harmonized, heartfelt rendition of everyone’s favorite song around a campfire. It also ranks as one of the best performances in a Pitch Perfect movie because of the poignancy of the moment: a love song to The Bellas’ enduring friendship.

1. “Price Tag/Don’t You Forget About Me/Give Me Everything (Tonight)” The Bellas (Pitch Perfect 2)

We may not have known Jon Hughes, but if there’s one thing we’re sure of, it’s that he would have wanted the Simple Minds song he made famous to appear in an a capella sandwich between Jessie J and Pitbull. A great a capella sandwich at that. The thrilling finale of Pitch Perfect remains the franchise’s “Don’t Stop Believin'” moment. (You can’t talk about these movies without mentioning Glee at some point).