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We’re looking to spring beauty trends to get us through this final bout of winter. But some of the hair and makeup looks we watched waft down the Spring runways were a bit hard to imagine wearing in real life. Glitter-covered lips on the DKNY runway? Not sure how our boss would feel about us arriving to our Monday morning meeting rocking that look.

Instead of being totally shocked when spring rolls around, be prepared. Here are some of the more avant garde (read: wacky) beauty trends to watch for.

Brow Decorations

Getty Images – Olympia Le Tan

Remember placing little jewels on either side of your eyes back in the day? This new trend is kind of like that, but done above the brows. We’re giving this the okay for a cool nighttime look… but we’ll be skipping it at the office.

Blotchy Red Temples

Getty Images – Kenzo

We can picture this liberal application of colour beside the eyes working well in a sci-fi film. But this trend from the Kenzo runway isn’t likely to carry over to the real world. Let’s keep the blush on the cheeks, please.

Micro Bangs

Getty Images – Rochas

Nearly there brows and teensy bangs with little curls dominated the Rochas runway. These are the kind of bangs you convince yourself to cut and then immediately regret. Cue the tears!


Jeremy Scott
Getty Images – Jeremy Scott

Wigs like the ones seen at the Jeremy Scott show can be A) a great way to achieve a totally different look, or B) a great way to achieve a totally nonsensical look. Avoid whimsical colours and bowl cuts to avoid the latter.

Blue Face Stripes

Getty Images – Chanel

While Kendall Jenner looks ultra rad on the Chanel runway, the stripe of bright blue makeup she sported just won’t make sense with our everyday wardrobe. Just blue dabbed on the lids, however, is something we can get behind.

Charcoal Lips

Acne Studio
Getty Images – Acne Studio

We’re all for dark, sultry lipstick shades, but a deep charcoal grey? There’s a fine line between costume makeup and everyday-approved looks, and this might be right on the other side of it.

Pink Eyeshadow + Blue Liner

Getty Images – Hermes

In Grade 8, we sported white eyeliner on our top lid and navy blue eyeliner on the bottom like it was going out of style…which it was. This pink shadow and blue liner from the Hermes runway has us feeling like we’re 13 again. Pass.

Metallic Brows

Maison Margiela
Getty Images – Maison Margiela

Hair-coloured brow hairs are so passe. Maison Margiela wants us sporting metallic brows. Thing is, we’re just not sure how they’d fare in the boardroom. Not all that glitters is office appropriate.

Slick, Wet Hair

Getty Images – Altuzarra

The wet hair look is here to stay, and honestly, that’s fine by us. But this over exaggerated version that Altuzarra dreamt up is a bit much. We still want to look like we’ve showered recently, even if our hair is slicked back.

Razor-Sharp Nails

Getty Images – FENTY x PUMA

Can you even legally board an airplane with these things!? Models at Rihanna’s Fenty x Puma spring collection sported wildly long and pointy nails that really don’t look TSA approved.

String Braids

Maison Margiela
Getty Images – Maison Margiela

These string-lined rows seen at the Maison Margiela’s Spring 2017 Couture show are guaranteed to be too much for most. Maybe if the stings were super subtle (like, just along one row) we could support it, but the extended string eyeliner thing is a no-go.

Eye-Covering Bangs

Michael Kors
Getty Images – Michael Kors

Michael Kors’ spring 2017 bangs are the polar opposite of Rochas. So much so that you can’t even see out of one eye. It may work for a sheep dog, but not a human.

Black Finger-Painted Shadow

Getty Images – Vivienne Westwood

Vivienne Westwood’s smudgy black eye shadow is on its way to looking like a robber’s mask. Maybe they’re using it like football players do, to fight the glare. You’re not a football player, are you?

Golden Faux Freckles

Esteban Cortazar
Getty Images – Esteban Cortazar

Esteban Cortazar’s use of gold flakes to create a below-the-eye freckled look was super cool and chic for runway. We love freckles, but think they should remain natural. Save the gold flake for your crafting sessions.

Copper Lips

Getty Images – Fendi

Sparkles on the lips are far from practical. Just think about how much lipstick comes off when you’re eating — now imagine these Fendi-approved copper sparkles all over your lips. And in your mouth. And stomach.

Oily Bob

Getty Images – Givenchy

To get this Givenchy look, you’re going to need an entire tub of coconut oil, maybe two. While that’s probably nourishing for the hair, we like being able to run our fingers through our locks.

Face Tattoos

Issey Miyake
Getty Images – Issey Miyake

Issey Miyake’s silver face tattoos are extreme for any fashionista. Maybe one or two subtly placed rings could be unique, but a whole winding line that leads the eye around the face like a treasure trail is too much for us.