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On Tuesday’s episode of The Voice (Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET/MT on CTV GO) there may have been some technical errors. That’s the only way we can explain coaches Jennifer Hudson, Adam Levine, Kelly Clarkson and Blake Shelton practically ignoring a singer who could possibly be this season’s winner. While Adam did save the day and perform a last-minute turn, the coaches were off their game on Monday’s episode, with Blake asleep at the wheel and Adam also close to dozing off. Do better, coaches.

The One That Almost Got Away

About five words into Jake Wells’ performance of “When The Stars Go Blue” we had already mentally moved the singer into our very short list of performers who can win this season. Jake kept singing and kept sounding even better, but no one turned. No. One. Turned. Maybe the speakers weren’t working inside the theatre or maybe the coaches were previously told that Jake likes to kick puppies, because we can’t figure out how the coaches almost let Jake get away. Adam finally woke up in time for a last-minute button push, so now we’re mentally moving him off our Sh*t List. Kelly, Blake and Jennifer – do better. Jake, love the sweater.

The First Español Singer of the Season

Spanish music is continuing to gain traction on Canadian and US radio stations, but so far this season we’ve only had one singer remind us that we need to start using our Duo Lingo app. Fifteen-year-old Lela is Colombian, from Miami, and smart enough to know that you need to stand out in a singing competition. The spunky teen gave an impressive rendition of Camila Cabello’s “Havana,” earning chair turns from Kelly and Jennifer and landing on Team J Hud. We really should be sick of “Havana” by now, but we’re not. Ooo nah nah.

Return of the Red

We don’t often see former contestants return to The Voice outside of performing during finales, but that didn’t stop Team Blake Season 13 singer Red Marlow from dropping in to say howdy. The country singer was there to support his friend Caeland Garner, who thankfully wasn’t another country copycat. Instead, the small-town singer gave a soulful and poppy performance of “Dancing In The Moonlight.” That’s not what we expected from a friend of Red, but what we did expect was Caeland’s decision to go with Team Blake over Team J Hud. Blake is going to put him on his Lake Playlist!

Tell Us More

We should be more focused on a singer’s voice than their life story, but singer Cody Ray Raymond practices karate, worked security for the military at the North Pole, and now performs music on the streets of Seattle. Plus, his parents named him Cody Ray Raymond. Cody has a unique and powerful soulful rock voice, but we want to hear more about his colourful life. Like, what’s Santa really like?

Funsho Has Finesse

There’s a list of singers that you better be damn good at singing to cover and most fall under ‘Divas.’ We’re talking the Adeles, the Beyonces, the Whitneys, the Mariahs. On the men’s side, there’s Bruno Mars. We don’t know where Nigerian-born singer Funsho will go after delivering a fun and funky Boyz II Men-eque performance of Mars’ “Finesse,” but we’ll find out when the singer gives his first performance as part of Team Adam.



Cody Ray Raymond – Just Added

Abby Cates – Just Added

Erika Zade


Chevel Shepherd

Delaney Silvernell

Kymberli Joye

Claire DeJean

Sarah Grace

Mikele Buck



Lela – Just Added

Colton Smith


Mike Parker

Audri Bartholomew

Natasia Greycloud

Franc West

Tyshawn Colquitt

Patrique Fortson

Kennedy Holmes



Caeland Garner – Just Added

Kirk Jay

Joey King

Dave Fenley

Rachel Messer

Keith Paulso

Michael Lee

Mercedes Ferreira-Dias

Kameron Marlowe



Jake Wells – Just Added

Funsho – Just Added

Natalie Brady

Steve Memmolo

Anthony Arya

DeAndre Nico

Tyke James



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