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From perfect fishtail braids to unique fresh flower arrangements, Pinterest, the authority on all things pretty, knows what’s on trend. Heck, the digital resource is the first place we navigate to when looking for new recipes, ways to spruce up our living space, or just plain want to gawk at gorgeous wedding ideas.

This year, Pinterest is putting their expertise to use with the Pinterest 100 for 2017, which is 100 different boards that boast the most trendy things we’re all going to be eating/wearing/decorating/doing next year. Culled from its 150 million users, this trend list is definitely for the people, by the people.

Here are some of our most favourite trends from the list.

Food & Drink

This prickly fruit’s popularity is on the rise–up 420 per cent, according to Pinterest. Use it to top sorbet, or even as a meat alternative.

A photo posted by Ning Hermawan (@herninggg) on

Naan Pizza
Just when you thought your favourite cheat meal couldn’t get any better, the Internet presents you with naan pizza.

A photo posted by Twin-Food (@twinfood) on

Sous Vide
This technique is not only on the rise in mainstream cooking, but delicious, too. Seal your ingredients in a plastic bag, and cook it in water.

A photo posted by Flatmarble (@flatmarble) on


Chrome Powder Nails
Matte is so 2016. For 2017, it’s all about the chrome tips–they’re up 570 per cent in popularity on Pinterest.

Ash Balayage
Bright blonde balayage highlights are all we’ve been asking for at the salon, but 2017 is about more ashy tones–up 240 per cent. Dark-haired ladies, rejoice!

A photo posted by TRISH POQUIZ (@trishpoquiz) on

Cut-Crease Makeup
Rather than blending your eyeshadow together, cut-crease makeup offers a dramatic, more graphic look. Some patience required.

Microblading is like the modern day version of tattooing your brows. Except they look a whole lot more natural this time around.

Women’s Style

We’re not going to lie, we loved this trend as a teenager and are pretty stoked that it’s making the rounds (up 800 per cent in popularity on Pinterest) into 2017.

Pyjama Dressing
Pretty much the best trend of all time: pyjamas out in public! Opt for silk over cartoon-covered cotton.

A photo posted by ELLE Canada (@ellecanada) on

Backless Shoes
One pair of footwear your wardrobe needs for spring 2017? Backless shoes. Okay, maybe two pairs.

A photo posted by ☆نامي (@nahappyvirusmi) on

Men’s Style

Buzz Cuts
Note: not all #buzzcuts are created equal. If you or your man is going to get one, find a barber with fade skills.

Weekender Bags
Backpacks are so 2015.

Statement Socks
Some people are already switching back to boring old black and white socks, but not us. We’re riding the crazy sock wave for another year!

A photo posted by boldSOCKS (@boldsocksdotcom) on


Travel on a Budget
This year, we’re swapping the all-inclusive for a little more authentic vacation. And by “authentic,” we mean cheap.

A photo posted by OUR CAMP LIFE (@ourcamplife) on

National Parks
2017 is Canada’s 150th anniversary of confederation, and we’ll definitely be getting out into some of the exquisite national parks to celebrate.

We’ve always wanted to go to the city of 10 thousand shrines, and now Pinterest has granted us permission.

A photo posted by Daniel Kordan (@danielkordan) on

Kids & Parenting

Homemade Popsicles
It’s frozen juice with fruit in it…who knew? Add these to the list of things we’re never buying from the store again.

A photo posted by Deniz Aşık (@denizasik) on

Fairy Gardens
Nurture your child’s green thumb without so much as a front yard with these cute and creative mini gardens.


Daily Detox Drinks
Drinking your daily greens (popularity up 407 per cent on Pinterest) is so much easier than trying to eat them all. Here’s to your healthiest year yet.

Yummy!!! I love doing these … #dailydetoxdrinks #burnfat #energy #fitlife #beautifulskin

A photo posted by Khana Baht Y’israel (@chana_favored) on

Yin Yoga
This slower paced yoga practice will have you holding poses for longer than you’re used to.

Click here to view the full list on Pinterest.